Embark on quests with me and together we can improve not only our own lives but maybe even the lives of those around us.

Welcome adventurers, warriors, healers and everyone in between. As you probably already know, my name is Julie Aubut Gaudet and I am a fantasy and sci-fi writer. I am also a big dreamer and I often get overwhelmed with wanting to do all the things, all right now! So this page is really just a place where I can share little challenges, or quests ;), and you can join in with me!

I love variety so the quests will vary from brain teasers, to health goals, to random acts of kindness (I like to call them RAKs for short). Probably not all the quests will appeal to you and there is nothing wrong with that! This is for fun so choose what interests you and feel free to adapt the quests to your own reality. I will try to be fairly inclusive in everything I suggest but I am not perfect and may not think of every possible alternative.

With all that said, I wish you success on your journey!

Quest #2: Mage’s Lament

So I am numbering these quests for now but I will probably lose count at some point lol! Last month I recorded myself singing a song I wrote for my new book. (It is sung by one of the characters.) I was super nervous about it since I am in no way a professional musician…

The First Quest

Ok this is both a tester post to see how this works on my end of creating these and I wanted to keep it simple. So to start all you need to do is go outside for 5 minutes. Obviously, do this in a way that is safe. Going out on your balcony or deck…

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