Book one of the Dawn Chronicles: Rising Dawn on Amazon.

$5.99 CA for the e-book

$17.99 CA for the Paperback


Waiting for Dawn.

A proud nation, shattered and exiled by a terrifying enemy.
A loyal man, atoning for past sins.
A strong mother, trying to find herself again.
A charming mercenary, searching for a purpose.
And the seventeen-year-old boy who will set events in motion far beyond his understanding.

When Arrow and his mother are brought to a new world beyond a magical portal, he is charmed by the strange land. It is filled with magic, swordplay and exotic creatures. However, he soon discovers that reading about adventure, and living through it, are not the same thing. Violence, death and danger surround him and his mother. All he wanted was to be a hero but can he measure up?

Dawn is coming, but will it save them or destroy them all?

Signed copy of Rising Dawn: Book 1 of the Dawn Chronicles (paperback)

Signed 5×8 Paperback of Rising Dawn sent out personally by the author and includes a bookmark. Price includes shipping.


I just bought my copy of #RisingDawn by @aubutgaudet

I plan on eventually having merchandise available for purchase. Art prints, bookmarks, clothing. What would you like?

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