Quest #2: Mage’s Lament

So I am numbering these quests for now but I will probably lose count at some point lol! Last month I recorded myself singing a song I wrote for my new book. (It is sung by one of the characters.) I was super nervous about it since I am in no way a professional musician or even a rookie musician. I am just a writer and mom who sings to her kids at night. All this to say that it was a big leap out of my comfort zone to post myself singing on the internet. So the quest here is to just do something out of your comfort zone. Share a hidden talent, take a silly selfie when you don’t look your best and share it or try that new class you’ve been waiting forever to go to. You might be surprised by what follows after 😉

(Also, here is my very non-professional, just used my computer mic, song, Mage’s Lament. Enjoy!)


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